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SETEP is the Union of Workers in Teleperformance.

SETEP aims for the improvement of working conditions and wages of all its members. Our Union will be the hand that will lift employees up in our struggle that will lead to the collective agreement negotiations.
We call upon all employees of Teleperformance to fill the ranks of their own creation, our own union. To make it strong, to safeguard its class-oriented stance and internationalism, and to remain in the first lines of the struggles for the years to come.

No employee of Teleperformance, will ever feel alone again, no one will ever feel easily replaceable and afraid in the isolation of working from home!

United we Fight for Collective Rights!

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I also am member of Union / Είμαι μέλος άλλου σωματείου
I accept the statute of SETEP / Αποδέχομαι το καταστατικό του συνδικάτου
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