Piraeus, Tuesday 13th February, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

Today is a great day for all of us current and future employees of Teleperformance, as well as former employees who watch our struggle
closely and express their solidarity and support daily. Today our struggle has reached a significant victory for the call centers in Greece whilst sending an empowering message to the employees of TP in 95 Countries.

We are proud to announce that the employees of Teleperformance joined forces and officially created their own union at company level that will represent all Teleperformance employees. The temporary board elected by the signees will have the solemn authority to register members and prepare the forthcoming elections, in order for the representative leadership of SETEP, Trade Union of Employees in Teleperformance, to emerge.

SETEP, will be the stepping stone, for all the future struggles of TP Employees.

SETEP will be the hand that will lift employees up in their trade union struggle and will lead the collective bargaining negotiations as equal amongst equals
with the Teleperformance Management. Through our example we stand on the side of all employees of other call center companies who want to create unions in their companies.

We call upon all employees of Teleperformance to fill the ranks of their own creation, their own union. To make it strong, to safeguard its class-orientation and internationalism, and to remain in the first line of the struggles for the years to come.

No employee of Teleperformance, will ever feel alone again, no one will ever feel easily replaceable and fear in the isolation of teleworking.

Now we are more prepared to organize a Succesful and Massive Strike that the Telecommunication Sector in Greece has never seen before!

United we Fight for Collective Rights

Joint statement by SETIP & SETEP

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